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Gorslas Primary School






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Curriculum vision for the school

Ysgol Gorslas provides a broad and balanced curriculum in a happy, healthy and safe environment.

Through a wealth of experiences, we develop informed and ambitious individuals nurturing clear values and creating confident and ethical citizens.

 Our aim is to ensure that everyone does their best to achieve their goal and create enterprising  creative contributors.


Ysgol Gorslas provides education for pupils between the ages of 3 1/2 and 11 years old.  This website has been designed to inform prospective and current parents, as well as the wider community of the various experiences that all pupils undertake.

 Our Vision 

We at Gorslas School aim to create a happy and safe learning environment by providing for the social, emotional and mental development of all pupils by promoting high expectations at all times.  We aim to secure that all pupils are given opportunities to develop the maximum potential in caring, supportive and digital, bilingual school.     


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